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Marc Eyre, Director of Electric Operations, Black Hills Energy

Thank you for your time last week facilitating the LRC retreat. You both bring a wealth of
knowledge and experience that was exciting to learn from. You did a great job engaging and
bringing the leadership principles to life in a way that I could directly apply to my personal and
professional development.

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Philip Health Services Nurse Management Team

Leah is a very responsive trainer who helps our team focus on our specific issues rather than
offering a cookie-cutter training program. She spent a great deal of time learning about our
issues and tailoring her training to our needs. This was a very helpful training and the
suggestions made really do work if you allow yourself to want the change. Working with Leah
brought our management together and helped us identify our strengths and weaknesses to
better enable us to work together more efficiently.

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Patri Acevedo-Riker, Architect at JLG Architects

Leah facilitated our Black Hills Area Habitat for Humanity Board of Directors retreat. She
created a schedule that enabled us to use our time effectively and did a terrific job of keeping
the discussion going and making sure we stayed on task. Leah designed a format for the
discussion that was expertly tailored to each of the topics we needed to address.

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Gene Bilodeau, Executive Director, Black Hills State University – Rapid City

We invited Leah to present a 1 hour staff training on communication in the workplace. I was
very pleased with how much Leah was able to do in just that one hour. Leah’s presentation
style is excellent, and she engages the group immediately. Though we talk or hear about good
communication in the workplace often, it’s easy to overlook. What Leah presented was right
on target and a perfect example of never being able to get enough of a good thing. Not only
did we learn valuable information, but there was enjoyment and laughter as we did. We will
invite Leah back for future staff trainings.

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Suicide Intervention Course Participant

Nsight Partners is AWESOME!! This program is a definite confidence builder for the possibility of being faced with a suicidal situation. Thank you!

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Julee Steinman, Evans Orthodontics

We recently held an Evans Orthodontics Staff Retreat with Leah Braun as our trainer. It was a
wonderful day and very productive for our team. I liked the event right away when Leah gave
out pieces of paper with lines from different quotes to each participant and we had to find who
had the rest of the quote and that is where we sat. Otherwise, everyone would be sitting with
their friends and this way we had a chance to get know different team members better. Leah’s
presentation often got the message across without offending anyone and encouraged people
to speak up. I think we resolved some problems in our office by being able to discuss them with
Leah being the facilitator. I definitely would recommend Leah Braun as a coach and trainer.

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Amber Lind, Aflac Regional Sales Manager

Leah did an awesome job with my team. We are working on personal and business goals. I feel
it brought our team closer together. By the end of our sessions we had created our very own
team mission statement together. Thanks Leah! We will be using your services again!

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Scott Engmann, Executive Director, BH Habitat for Humanity

Leah brought some wonderful training on Crucial Conversations to our Habitat for Humanity team, distilling a tremendous amount of material down with levity and humor at 7am! She made very efficient use of our "all hands on deck" development opportunity! Great work.

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